Exterior blinds

Exterior blinds are particularly good for schools, office blocks or other buisness buildings. They protect against disturbing glare and also they ensure that in the summer cooling- and in the winter heating energy can be saved. Exterior blinds also act as protection against burglary, because the stable material scares off many invaders.

For individual designs there are a variety of aperture shapes and a wide choice of colors for panels, rails and slats. External Venetian blind systems are made in 50, 65, 80 or 88 mm slat widths. They are operated with crank, endless cord or by electric drive, wired or wireless.

The installation is really simple and the exterior blind can be installed in the niche as well as before.

Venetian blinds, also known under the term exterior blinds, provide a highly advanced and flexible sun protection. Compared to conventional shutters you can turn the slats of the blinds and thus adapted to suit the sun. So you have the ability to control the amount of incident light effectively and comfortably. Of course, the robust aluminum blades are available in many colors, and you have the choice of different installation types.

If you want to enjoy an ultimate comfy atmosphere, exterior blinds are your first choice.